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We recommended using our primer after you cleanse your clients lashes at the onset of the appointment. Priming the lashes will remove any excess dirt and oil that the cleansing may have missed and make sure the lashes are as ready as they can be for the extensions and adhesive. Primer is especially important for clients that have retention issues and clients that wear a lot of makeup. Sometimes if a client wears a lot of mascara or eyeliner, it can be clumped at the very base of their lashes and even cleansing might not get it all. Going through with primer and the fine micro swab brushes and getting right down into the base of the lash will help get rid of the makeup and make sure the lashes are prepped and ready for application.

We recommend using two micro swab brushes and sifting through the lashes on each eye with primer. You can hold the micro swab brushes under the nozzle and pour a small amount onto the brushes over a garbage can or sink.

Our primer can also be used to help the extensions attach to the natural lashes better by swiping a micro swab brush with a small amount of primer on it along the base of the strips of lash extensions you will be using. Be careful not to saturate the extensions or it will not work.

Note: Not all clients need primer. It is best used for clients with retention issues, in high humidity or when the client has noticeable oils, debris etc on the lashes after cleansing.