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POISE (Regular & Transparent)


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Poise is our most versatile and forgiving glue and can be managed in humidity between 20-70% and temperatures between 20-24°C. The transparent option is recommended for lash clients sensitive to CARBON which is the ingredient in all black adhesives. Transparent Poise is also great for coloured lashes!

  • Up To 7+ Week Hold Time
  • Viscosity - Thin
  • Color - Transparent or Black
  • Minimal Fumes
  • Super Flexible
  • 45% Optimum Humidity
  • 22°C Optimum Temperature

Dry Time(s): 20-45% Humidity (2 sec), 45-55% Humidity (1 sec), 55-70% Humidity (0.5 sec) 70%+ Humidity (Immediately; not recommended)

Available in 5 ml

* Please note that upon first purchase, you will be contacted to send us your certificate to verify you are a certified lash artist as this product is available for professional use only.