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Glue Rings (100)


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We LOVE glue rings! Glue rings are an amazing alternative to jade stones or glue trays. Our disposable glue rings are divided in half and can therefore be used for two clients.

Glue rings are incredible for so many reasons:

  • less exposure to the air for glue. 2-3 drops of our glues will last an experienced tech a whole full set (approximately two hours)
  • disposable - no soaking required
  • cheaper - one bag will last 200 clients, no acetone needed for cleaning, less glue required

Glue rings aren't for everyone and can be challenging to get used to if you are already accustomed to using a jade stone or something else. But we HIGHLY recommend you give it a fair shot and try it, it could be life changing and many techs find it can dramatically decrease their lashing time and save money.