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Cleansing Brush


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Cleansing is one of the most important parts of both lash application and aftercare. We recommend cleansing and giving your client a thorough lash bath before each appointment to ensure that any debris and excess oils and residue are removed from their lashes in order to get the best bond and retention with the extensions you will be applying.

Clients should also be cleansing their own lashes on a daily basis. This ensures their lashes stay clean, free of dirt and oils, and will significantly improve lash retention. It's a WIN, WIN for both you and the client!

Our cleansing brushes are meant to be used with water and our lash shampoo. They are soft and flexible and very gentle for the client. Wet the brush with room temperate water and add the lash shampoo onto the clients skin or put it in the lid of the shampoo and dip the brush into the shampoo. Thoroughly cleanse the lashes and around the eyes in a circular motion. Once finished, rinse with water.