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1:1 Coaching Package


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Three Month Coaching Package
We offer a three-month, 1:1 coaching package with our owner and CEO Sam Clancy to help you determine where your biggest areas for opportunity are and then help you map out and implement from A-Z how to get there.
Let me tell you a bit about my story and how it is relevant to you. I want to share with you:
  • How I went from a pretty much non-existent Instagram and social media following to a community of over 35,000 across my platforms
  • How I took my lash business from making 12K a year out of my dining room to a multiple 6 figure company
  • How I went from flying solo to managing a team of 8 including service providers, assistants and marketing team
I accidentally jumped into the lash and beauty industry back in 2015 and then fell in love and haven’t looked back since.
As a single mom, I was looking for a side gig to help pay the bills without requiring me to miss too much time with my girls. So I began lashing at night. After they went to bed. Almost every day of the week(crazy, I know!).
My business grew, and so did my love for the industry and helping women feel great.
I hired staff and began teaching, all while still working out of my house. Eventually, I was able to leave my full-time government job and haven’t look back since.
Yup, that’s right. I walked away from benefits, a pension and almost 80K a year to pursue my dreams as a lash artist/brand/business owner.
And I have ZERO regrets.
My passion for empowering and teaching women, along with my business knowledge and experience have worked hand in hand to build Beautique Canada from the ground up.
With over 5 years of lashing experience, many courses and certifications under my belt, an honours degree in business and a designation as a certified public accountant, I have an ABUNDANT amount of powerful information about lashing, retention, building a business, keeping clientele, handling staff, pricing, taxes and more!
And I want to share it with YOU.
I want to help you not only grow your business but also be the best. To inspire you to conduct your business following the highest standards, to provide your clients with the best customer service and to make enough money that you can run your business on your own terms and have a work/life balance to be proud of.

Whether you are still operating, needing to figure out a pivot or wanting to plan your next move post COVID, I would love to help you in your journey and truly feel the investment in yourself and your business is more important now than ever.

We've got limited spots so the time is now!

I can work with you on anything including but not limited to:  

 • Determining your ideal client
 • Branding 
 • Social media content creation 
 • Social media planning
 • Pricing
 • Package options 
 • Finding commercial space
 • Hiring Employees & Expanding
 • Taxes, Bookkeeping etc
 • Defining and prioritizing goals
 • Ways to set yourself apart from the competition
Here’s what’s included:
  • 12 x 60-minute zoom sessions – One session weekly for twelve weeks via Zoom. Each session will be personalized to you and your business and what you need. You will be given session notes and actions to take between sessions.
  • Unlimited Whatsapp Support – You will have unlimited access to me via WhatsApp to ask questions and review things like website and social media content, pricing, client results, etc.
  • The Investment – $1997
  • Financing Available

Are you ready to invest in yourself?!👇