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Russian Volume Lash Course


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Trained on classic and ready for the next step? Our two-day advanced volume course is a two-day course starting with technical material followed by an emphasis on hands-on training. Learn the art of Russian Volume including several fanning techniques so you can customize your technique based on what fits you and your client best.

Course Includes:

  • Manual
  • Hands-on experience with 3 models (you can bring or we can arrange)
  • Kit
  • Ongoing Mentoring
  • Lifetime Discount on Products & Future Courses(20% off regular price)


  1. What Are Eyelash Extensions
  2. Eyelashes
  3. Health & Safety
  4. Allergies & Sensitivities
  5. Contraindications
  6. Consultations
  7. Client Care
  8. Product Knowledge
  9. Lash Room Setup
  10. Lash Designs
  11. Lash Mapping & Choosing Designs
  12. Lash Extension Application
  13. Lash Fills
  14. Lash Removals
  15. Volume Tweezers
  16. Choosing How Many Lashes to Use in a Fan
  17. Adhesives
  18. Fanning Techniques
  19. Fan Wrapping
  20. Premade Fans
  21. Mega Volume
  22. Legal Responsibilities
  23. Business tips