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Pinnacle/Lash² Premium Lash & Brow Enhancer Bundle

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The perfect bundle!

Get our 3 Step Pinnacle Skincare System AND our Lash² Premium Lash & Brow Enhancer all in one bundle!

With your investment into beautiful lashes at the forefront of our minds, we have developed a lash friendly skin care system. For best results, use our cleanser, toner and gel together. We use clean and pure ingredients to offer a complete facial restoration.

Our Nourish + Refresh Cleanser is made with rose hip seed oil in its purist form, making it not only lash friendly but friendly for all skin types.

Our Calm + Sooth Toner will balance your pH with its innovative nanoparticles, as well as moisturize and invigorate your skin.

Our Hydrate + Glow Moisturizing Gel will offer all day long benefits and leave your skin feeling recharged.

Last but not least, our Lash² Premium Lash & Brow Enhancer - this top of the line formula is not like most in the market. We have created the ultimate version of growth serum to deliver better results, faster! It will help your natural lashes grow longer, stronger and darker and it will also promote new growth so you have MORE natural lashes than before!

Lash² Premium Lash & Brow Enhancer goes along your lash line just like eyeliner, only it's clear! On bare lashes, it can be applied 2x per day. You will see results in as little as 7 days, with maximum results happening at about 8 weeks(varies by individual). It is also completely safe to be used with lash extensions which is amazing for those who want to strengthen their natural lashes but don't want to take a break from extensions!