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Classic Lash Course - Virtual

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The lash industry is a rapidly expanding industry and offers you a lucrative career where you can master your craft, explore your creative side and help people feel good about themselves.

Our virtual classic lash course is an extensive two-day course. Day one starts with technical material followed by an emphasis on hands-on training for the afternoon of day one and all of day two.

Students will complete 3 hands-on models with instructor guidance.

All our instructors are certified educators with the National Association of Lash Artists(NALA). This is NOT an online, self paced course. You are LIVE with your instructor for the entirety of the two days. The schedule is 9am-5pm EST both days with one hour for lunch from 12pm-1pm EST.

*You must have access to both a computer or laptop and phone. The virtual training is done over zoom(free app to download) and we use both computer for our face to face interaction and then the phone(holder included in kit, see below) for your instructor to see the work you are doing on your model or practice head.

Course Includes:

  • PDF Electronic Manual
  • Two Days of Virtual Instruction(Practice head the first day and then ideally you arrange real models your second day or can also continue to use the practice head throughout if you are in lockdown still)
  • Kit valued at over $400(Adhesive, Tweezers, Gel Pads, 4 Lash Trays, Foaming Lash Cleanser, Primer, Remover, Jade Stone, Tape, Lash Wands, Lash Serum, Sealant, Air Pump, Hygrometer, Lash Tile, practice head, practice lashes and phone holder)
  • Ongoing Mentoring
  • Lifetime Discount on Products & Future Courses(20% off regular price)


  1. What Are Eyelash Extensions
  2. Eyelashes
  3. Health & Safety
  4. Allergies & Sensitivities
  5. Contraindications
  6. Consultations
  7. Client Care
  8. Product Knowledge
  9. Lash Room Setup
  10. Lash Designs
  11. Lash Mapping & Choosing Designs
  12. Lash Extension Application
  13. Lash Fills
  14. Lash Removals
  15. Legal Responsibilities
  16. Business tips