Prelude adhesive works best for newer lash artists OR lash artists working in high humidity. Prelude works with humidity between 30%-80% and temperature between 20-24°C is best. In extremely higher humidity climates, it becomes a fast drying, strong hold adhesive.

`Up To 6+ Week Hold Time
`Viscosity - Medium
`Color - Black
`Minimal Fumes
`Super Flexible
`50% Optimum Humidity
`23°C Optimum Temperature

Dry Time(s): 30-45% Humidity (3 sec), 45-55% Humidity (2 sec), 55-70% Humidity (1 sec) 70-80% Humidity (0.5 sec), 80%+ Humidity (Immediately; not recommended)

Available in 3 ml, 5 ml

Shelf Life: Opened bottles: 4-6 weeks ; Unopened bottles: 6 months