Every great thing starts from small beginnings. 


In episode one of The Lash Podcast (http://www.instagram.com/thelashpodcast), CEO and founder of the National Association of Lash Artists (NALA), Levi Shepard, joined us to discuss what pushed her to pursue her dreams and start NALA and what keeps her going! Can you believe that NALA all started from one of Levi’s coaches telling her to go fix what pisses her off?!


Just like other lash artists, Levi got certified as a lash artist and began trying to educate herself about her craft. It was a journey full of trials, tribulations and curiosity. But she was frustrated with the lack of information available to her when it came to lashing, regulations, lash hygiene, etc. So she embarked on a journey that is now NALA! It took years of researching and interviewing industry experts all over the world on different regulations and practices, not just in the lash industry, but in other sectors as well. 


Everything started with a leap of faith. Levi believed in the people in the community. She believed we all wanted to do better. And she found a group of leaders and educators in the lash industry that became her board of advisors.


Levi is not giving back to the industry via NALA that offers membership and accreditation, annual awards and GALA and NALA School for educators!


For more info about NALA, check out http://www.instagram.com/lashassociation