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0.15mm Silk Lashes


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Our premium silk lashes will take your sets up a notch, or ten! These lashes are handmade from the finest fibres in the world, which shows in both their ease of application and the finished look on your client.

The lashes are matte, flexible and soft yet give a dark, fierce finish.
Our 0.15mm lashes are best used for classic lashing.

Our mixed trays come with 12 rows in lengths of 8-14mm(one row of 8mm and 14mm, two rows of the rest). Each row is labelled with the length so you can build your client palettes and keep track of all your lengths. Available in B,CC,DD,L and U Curl-the curliest lash ever made!

You can also purchase our 0.15mm lashes in CC or DD curl mixed trays with 4 rows each of 10-12mm, 13-15mm or 16-18mm.