We’ve been getting a lot of requests for this topic from newer lash techs so here you go babes!

As a new tech to the industry, all the terminology can be hella overwhelming and confusing. Typically, you are trained in classic lashes first (some people teach classic and volume at once however, that is a whole other hot topic right now that we may cover in a later blog) and then you start hearing terms like hybrid and volume and are left wondering what are all these other types of lashes?!

So let us break it down for you:

Classic – Classic lashing is the art of 1 to 1 application. This means you use one classic lash extension (recommended 0.12mm to 0.18mm in thickness) and apply it to all the client’s natural lashes that are healthy and strong enough to do so, while skipping all the anagen(baby) lashes.

Classic lashing is the easiest technique and the one we recommend perfecting before you move onto any of the other lashing techniques. Isolation is key no matter what type of lashing you are doing and achieving perfect isolation is extremely important before you start messing around with any other advanced techniques, designs, etc.

Volume – There are several types of volume lashing including Russian Volume, Mega Volume and Premade Volume.

– Russian Volume involves hand-making fans of (generally) 2-7 lashes of 0.05mm to 0.10mm thickness and applying to one single natural lashes. There are many different fanning techniques and a good training academy will show you various methods so you can practice all of them and find a few that work best for you. With Russian Volume, the fans should be symmetrical and will wrap around the natural lash creating a great bond when applied properly. You can customize the fans to the amount of volume the customer wants and more importantly what their lashes can handle.


  • Mega Volume is similar to Russian Volume however fans are generally made from 8+ lashes of 0.03mm-0.05mm thickness.