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Lash Competitions

“Work + Dedication = Perfection”

People always say that life is a series of challenges. Just like in the lash industry, you need to challenge yourself to max out your lash business.

In Episode 2 of The Lash Podcast, hosted by our CEO Sam Clancy, lash artist, Fiona McNeil, joins us to talk about her lash journey through the years and how she rose among the challenges of lash competitions.

Fiona started as a mentor in a tutorial page on Facebook, then was suddenly asked to judge a lash competition without any experience of actually doing competitions—none, at all! She judged the competition and then decided to started pushing herself outside of her comfort zone and actually competing in them!

Lashing is all about artistry. It requires a lot of practice and dedication to be a good lash artist. You need to push yourself to your limits. It is not always stars and rainbows. You always have to be more and to do more.

In the lash industry, competitions—especially online competitions, are great opportunities to progress yourself as an artist. It will help you improve and step up your lash game. According to Fiona, it is important to know the rules during competitions. One missing link could result in points lost and losing out on a competition!

It is also important to pick the right model. No, not just the pretty looks, babe! Ideally, you should choose someone you can trust and that will help you during the competition. Throughout the day, you might get out of the zone, but your model will help you to get back in. 

Invigorate how you feel about your career. It is hard to be good at doing something you do not like. It is important to know that this is what your heart truly wants and then concentrate and be the best at what you are doing. Surround yourself with positive affirmations. You are an artist, babe. Just be confident and do your best.

To lash everything up, lash competitions are a journey. It is about being among the best of the best. You need to focus and to get in the zone. Always remember, if your symmetry and your fanning is not going right, just let go. Take a break. Take a breath. Look around. And get back in! 😉

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